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Premium Materials for Your Important Investment



J Key Roofing is a full service residential and commercial roofing contractor installing numerous types of roofing products. As professional roofers, we do roof replacement and roof repairs no matter the scope of the project. Here at J Key Roofing we use premium roofing materials for all of our roofing installation jobs. As one of Georgia’s leading roofing company we know the importance of using the best products like steel sheets from reputable manufacturers and supply companies. According to this roofing contractor our roofs are made to endure the cold winters, the hot summer heat, and severe thunderstorms that occur anytime of the year. A new residential or commercial roof is an important investment. At J Key Roofing, we work with you to build with integrity and value our work. Besides your health and family, your home is your greatest asset and a professional roofing contractor will be sent to your home to get started on anything you need.




According to this roofing contractor your roof is your first line of defense against the forces of Georgia’s unpredictable weather. A residential roof repair increases the chances of your roof protecting you, your family, and your priceless possessions from the extreme weather conditions we endure year after year, so don’t hesitate to get a simple roofing repair if you notice that there’s a small leak in yours. Weather related damaged roofs can be a headache for owners and cause future leaks if the damages are ignored. Take advantage of J Key Roofing, the experts in damaged roof repair.




Is it time to do some re roofing? When it’s time for a roof replacement, our roofing contractors will meet with you, inspect your current roof, discuss your options for roofing replacement, and help you make a decision that is right for you and your property.




Many property owners discover that there is a problem with the roof, once it is too late. They may see a stain on their ceiling or realize that they have a leak. By this time, there could be damage to the drywall, wood, insulation, or other costly damages. Below are some maintenance steps you can do to prevent any additional damage to your roof.

  • Keep leaves and debris from piling up on your roof, in the valleys or at the gutters.
  • Assess your roof.  Are the vents and flashings raised up.  Are the shingles losing granules?  Are the shingles discolored?  Are the shingles curling up on the ends?  Do you have algae or moss build up on your shingles?
  • Assess the age of your roof.  Most residential roofs should be replaced every 14-19 years depending on the workmanship from day one; commercial roofing replacements depend on the type of roof.

Our roofing contractors can help you decide if you need a roofing repair or if your roof needs to be replaced. Let J Key Roofing help you find the right solution to give you and your property the best protection that your money can buy.


Free Roof Inspections


Our Free Roofing Inspection is a service that we offer at no cost to the customer. No gimmicks, no hooks, no commitment.

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